Some of you are doing way too much in our inbox right now

Please stop yourselves from pressing the submit button if:

  • you’re submitting underage nudes.  We don’t care if it’s a selfie.  We don’t do kiddie porn around here.  Keep it moving.
  • you’re not fond of punctuation.  We’re not interested in decoding/translating your mishmash of a story because you were too lazy to press a few extra buttons. Keep it moving.
  • you’re looking for a partner.  It’s not that kind of party.  There a million other sites that can help you on your quest. Keep it moving.
  • you’re looking to live out some fetish.  Keep it moving.
  • you’re submitting underage nudes. Keep it moving.

To be continued…


Cardinals game with my beautiful girlfriend ! Smile, laugh, and be happy . 👭😊

Now, this is just freaking cute.