Hey guys! I’m Chelsea(black one) and this is my babe Kami(white one). After our first submission on this page, you may have realized that we can not take normal pictures to save our livesssss! I like to take pictures with the flash, she enjoys picture without the flash.This picture was taken on the night of Kami’s choral concerts No matter the camera disputes, I wouldn’t trade a relationship with anyone else for the one I have with this girl. She’s my bestfriend and the only person that I can rely on! I’m so lucky to be able to even just be around her. Thank you for coming into my life and thank you for not leaving. You’re perfect, Kam.



Danielle’s Valentine’s day gift that I gave her on our Valentines day visit. Two hundred and thirty three miles will not separate us forever, I promise. I love you more than I miss you.


We really do believe world peace starts at home, in our own relationships. That’s why we (Ruth & Michelle, co-founders of Conscious Girlfriend) are so devoted to helping other queer women and lesbians have joyful, healthy intimate relationships! Check out our site:



This is me (left) my lovely wife Jordan, and our beautiful son Caeli. We’ve been married a year and together 4 years in January.  I love them more than anything. Although we’ve had our share of issues, at the end of the day we know we belong together. <3 

Fuck yeah! Interracial lesbian couples! <3 Beautiful. Thanks for the submission.

What a beautiful family! I need to see more of this on my dash!